Space Art Competition!

We are hosting a space art competition to create a calendar which will be on sale at the next ASGSR meeting!

From February 20th to April 20th 2017, show us your talent by sending us your best artwork related with space sciences and win great prizes such as ASGSR T-shirts signed by astronauts! Plus the best works will be part of the 2018 @asgsrstudents calendar!

Send us your artwork with a description of it via one of these ways:
– email (asgsr15student@gmail.com), -instagram (tag us and use the hashtag #calendarasgsr2018, make sure your instagram account is visible!). We are looking forward to see your talent!

Image from 📷: //art.spacefoundation.org

Note: Every participant that participates to this contest is allowing to ASGSR Students to reproduce and make copies of his/her work with the only finality of putting them in ASGSR Students merchandising without asking any other reward than the proposed by ASGSR Students in this announcement. For any other finality that includes the using of images, ASGSR Students must contact the author.



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