Officer Candidates 2017

Hello everyone!

Thanks to everyone who registered as a candidate and who volunteered to help out! Here are the candidates thus far:

Eric Yarns – Running for Secretary

Hi All, I have been active in the ASGSR community for the past three years, attending and presenting my research in concurrent technical sessions at the last three annual conferences. I would be an exceptional Secretary because I currently manage a spaceflight research project on the ISS that requires an incredible amount of organization, logistics, and coordination. I also could teach a master class on scheduling. I lead meetings with collaborators and colleagues on a weekly basis and understand how to conduct a productive meeting that doesn’t waste the time of those involved. As secretary, I would ensure that my talents in these areas make ASGSR Students more efficient and effective at achieving its goals.

Cheers, Eric Yarns University of Kansas Medical Center Kansas City, Kansas


Anjali Gupta – Running for Career and Personal Strategies Advisor

The student Board functions to enhance the core mission of ASGSR by supporting student scientists interested in space and gravity research. I would like to contribute my time and expertise in supporting this endeavor by serving as a Career and Personal Strategies Advisor. As a “returning” doctoral student, I will bring a wealth of experiences and knowledge to this role. I have extensive experience in advising students, conducting workshops on career-related topics, and developing personalized strategies for achieving work-life balance. In my current term as an ASGSR officer, I conducted a webinar on “Effective Presentation Skills.” In the CAPS Advisor role, I hope to build on such offerings by organizing additional workshops and programs such as careers options, resume guidance, mentoring, networking, personality/skills assessments, career and personal development, and other related topics. Often times, as students, future career options are not so obvious. My goal is to educate and open channels of communication for students and post-docs for these important topics through workshops, webinars, and onsite discussions at future ASGSR meetings. I believe that my prior experience, with careers in industry as a scientist and as a marketing professional, will be a valuable resource for other ASGSR student members.


Meg Cheng-Campbell – Running for DC trip Coordinator

Mallika Sarma – Running for Webmaster


Dan Gove – running for (1) Membership Coordinator, other positions

I’m a strong & versitile performer with a track record of consistency: From about 2009-2012, I was a boardmember of my school district’s YouthFirst Advisory Council. We organized an annual community Halloween party 🎃 , collaborated with community organizations, and focused on the Search Institute’s “40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents.” I’ve been consistantly coordinating the development of adolescents, with a focus on gymnasts, since about 2009 as well. This work has carried me throughout the nation, working for companies such as Seattle Gymnastics Academy, California Sports Center, GymNation (Maine) and more. I’ve trained with all names from all around the world; our conversations have made me personable. All this travel has also made me resourceful. My office constantly moves locations, time zones, etc… However, my work system allows me to keep my edge sharp. I maintain an email list including multinational CEOs, media outlets, and researchers. I’m chasing PhD level research for a short radius human centrifuge, which has the potential to springboard the commercial space industry. I would pounce on this opportunity.

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