2018 Officer Candidates

Here is a list of students registered to run for officer positions as of October 29th, 2018 along with their statement of interest and their top three desired positions.

The deadline to register is October 29th, registration form is here.

Esther Putman
(1) President
(2) DC trip Coordinator
(3) Education, Outreach, and Social chair
As a student passionate about space based research and how it impacts life here on earth, my mission and objectives closely align with those of ASGSR. From my experiences, both with this group and beyond, I know that I can serve as an effective leader on this student board. I bring a diverse perspective and a broad history of leadership, and know that I can help this group define our goals and achieve them. I plan to use my vast industry network to attract more interested students, my organizational skills to help streamline how the student board operates, my passion for STEM and policy outreach to encourage more action on these items, and my skills as a science communicator to help share the mission of ASGSR and educate others on the value of space based research.

Andrew Pelos
DC trip coordinator
As part of the American space research community, ASGSR members are positioned at a nexus of scientific research and U.S. politics, and it’s imperative that we share our unique perspectives in broader political discourses. The society’s annual D.C. trip represents an incredible opportunity for scientists and students to engage directly with policy-makers as representatives of our current research priorities. After working for three summers as a physical and bio-sciences researcher at NASA Ames, I was fortunate enough to participate in the spring 2018 D.C. trip as a volunteer student board member for ASGSR, and the experience gave me key insight to the kinds of broader political impact I could have as a scientist. I hope to continue my work with ASGSR as next cycle’s D.C. trip coordinator, and to continue empowering and enabling scientists to share our perspectives in political spaces.

Nicole Beisel
(1) Education, Outreach, and Social chair
(2) DC trip coordinator
(3) Web and Social Media Manager
My name is Nicole Beisel, and I am a 2nd year PhD student in the University of Florida Space Plants Lab ran by Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul and Dr. Robert Ferl. I focus on studying genetic mechanisms of plant adaptation to spaceflight, which I absolutely love! I have participated in and thoroughly enjoyed several successful outreach events since joining the UF Space Plants Lab, which has motivated me to apply for this position. I am extremely passionate about science communication, and would love to put my enthusiasm for the subject to work by serving as the Education, Outreach, and Social Chair for ASGSR student leadership. Alternatively, I would be happy to contribute to the ASGSR student leadership team by serving as either the DC Trip Coordinator or the Web and Social Media Manager where I feel my organizational skills can be put to good use.

Brandon Califar
(1) DC trip Coordinator
(2) Merchandise Coordinator
My name is Brandon Califar, and I am a second-year student in the UF Genetics and Genomics Ph.D. program. My passion for Space Biology led me to join the UF Space Plants Lab, working under Dr. Robert Ferl and Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul, and I am interested in becoming involved with the student leadership of the ASGSR because I would like to continue as a researcher in this field after completing my degree. Getting an idea of what it is like to serve a society in this context, while also learning more about political advocacy on behalf of the space sciences, would help to direct my own future, as well as that of the ASGSR, in a small-scale but meaningful way.

Mallika Sarma
(1) Web and Social Media Manager
(2) Merchandise Coordinator
(3) Education, Outreach, and Social Chair 
I have had the privilege to serve as an ASGSR student board member for the past two years and from my experience over this time, I have learned that that the ASGSR student board is a critical component to the ASGSR organization and has made valuable contributions to how we interface within the space science community but also outside of it. I am interested in continuing my work in supporting ASGSR on the board through building on the foundation of our current stellar social media outreach and expanding our web presence. With my experience on the board and as webmaster over the past year, I feel confident that we as a group can build on the existing projects we have, develop new projects, and enhance student input to ASGSR.

Kaixin (Kai) Cui
(1) Education, Outreach, and Social Chair 
(2) President Elect
(3) DC Trip Coordinator
I have always been passionate about space research, and I have been fortunate enough to pursue my love of space through various opportunities in the past. As a third year in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, I have worked on various projects related to space on the science and engineering aspects. I also had an amazing opportunity to work at NASA Ames on space biology project. I would love to inspire other students to be as enthusiastic about space research and show the countless opportunities for them to explore the field. The Education, Outreach, and Social Chair on the ASGSR student board would be the perfect position to reach large audiences and influence students. I believe my background and passion will provide a unique perspective to the board, and I hope to contribute my knowledge and skills.

Jordan McKaig
(1) President Elect
(2) Merchandise Coordinator
(3) Education, Outreach, and Social Chair
My name is Jordan McKaig and I am a senior at the University of Michigan studying biology and international studies. My lifelong interest in space led me to the Space Life Sciences Training Program this past summer, where I gained valuable experience in research and leadership while immersing myself in the incredible community of scientists and engineers working in space and gravitational research. At UMich, I have been involved in multiple opportunities related to the mission of ASGSR, including a STEM outreach organization and being the science lead for a Mars rover team. My background in both natural and social sciences has allowed me to explore the interface between science and society as well, fostering an interest in space policy. I hope to apply my experiences and skills in leadership, organization, and communication to the student board of ASGSR.

Elizabeth Talburt
(1) Web and Social Media Manager
(2) Education, Outreach, and Social Chair
(3) Merchandise Coordinator
I am an engineering student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, an army wife, and lover of space exploration and research. This past summer, I participated in the Space Life Sciences Training Program (SLSTP) at NASA Ames. While an SLSTP student, I was afforded the opportunity to present my summer research at ASGSR 2018. I would love to be a member of ASGSR student leadership to participate in outreach and raise awareness to other future scientists and engineers. I have served as a web manager for a previous internship and did educational outreach for a local nonprofit; I would like the opportunity to apply the skills to ASGSR student leadership. The ASGSR community brings together diverse individuals who share a common interest in space research, which is a rich educational resource for those interested in the field.

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