New Officers

After an exciting 2019 conference in Denver, CO new officers have been elected! Esther Putnam has stepped down as president, and Jordan Mckaig has assumed her role with Elizabeth Talburt as the president-elect. All of our new officers can be viewed under the ‘about tab’ in the ‘officers’ sub menu. We are also more active on social media! Check out our twitter @ asgsrstudents, and like us on facebook! We also have a slack channel, click here to join!. We share various opportunities and cool space new across each social media, so follow for the most up-to-date ongoings. The site is being updated, and there are many exciting plans underway, so stay tuned!

2018 Conference, Elections

2018 Officer Elections

Hello students!

The approach of the annual ASGSR conference means that it’s time to elect new student officers for the 2018-2019 year! Serving as a student officer has many benefits, including:

  • Travel assistance in exchange for volunteering at ASGSR 2019
  • Funded trip to Washington DC in Spring 2019, where you will join the ASGSR board members in meeting congressional staff to advocate for space science!
  • Networking and mentorship from ASGSR, NASA, and CASIS leadership as well as from professionals working in academia and industry
  • Volunteer and networking opportunities at other space-research conferences throughout the year
  • Flexibility to pursue education/outreach projects related to space science
  • Collaborate with a great group of other students!

This year, there will be a number of changes to the student election format. First, the number of officer positions has been reduced to six; but we will expanding the opportunities for students who don’t hold officer positions to get involved with group leadership by serving on committees or just staying updated using slack. Second, the officer terms will now be 1 year instead of 2, to allow more students to have a chance to serve. Finally, the vice president position has been replaced by the president-elect. The 2018-2019 president-elect will participate in the student group in a vice president capacity, and will take over as president for the student group in the 2019-2020 year. Since this is the first year for this change, we will need to elect both a president and a president elect.

The open student positions are:

  • President
  • President Elect
  • Merchandise Coordinator
  • Web and Social Media Coordinator
  • DC Trip Coordinator
  • Education, Outreach, and Social Chair

Additional details on the time commitments and responsibilities of these officers are described here: ASGSR student positions.

The student election will take place during the student mixer on November 1st, 2018 at the ASGSR conference in Bethesda. Due to time constraints, the entirety of the election procedure should take no more than 20 minutes. Candidates will be voted for in a ranked-choice system to increase the chances of getting matched to your ideal position.

To register as a candidate, please fill out this form by Friday, October 26th, 2018. Candidate information will be periodically updated on the website to allow students to acquaint themselves with the candidates prior to the election. Depending on the number of applicants, candidates may be asked to prepare short (2 minute) speeches for the student banquet. These details will be sent by email.

Thank you for your interest in serving ASGSR!

2017 Conference, Elections

Student Elections 2017

Hey students!

As we rapidly approach the 2017 conference, it is once again time to hold officer elections.

Why volunteer? Being involved in professional organization service is a fantastic resume booster, and vital for anyone interested in academic careers. Being an officer also gives you direct access to the ASGSR board, all of whom are excellent connections for students to have and can help you land a job at a number of exciting companies. Furthermore, ASGSR student officers have the option of participating in an annual political advocacy trip to Washington D.C., and will have a portion of their travel to the 2018 ASGSR conference funded. Finally, we have a lot of fun on our trips and in our meetings!

Who are we recruiting: In short, anyone who is willing to set aside 5-10 hours/month to contribute to ASGSR. However, since a large part of what we do is related to merchandise design, we especially encourage people who like doing creative design to apply. Students with interests in science policy and/or volunteering for education/outreach activities are also encouraged to apply. Ideally, officers will be likely to attend the 2018 ASGSR conference and volunteer there, though this is not a hard requirement.

About ASGSR student leadership positions: There are two ways to get involved in the ASGSR student board: (1) elected positions, which hold terms of 2 years (though, you can abdicate after 1), and (2) volunteer positions, which have no term limit. There is little practical difference between the two categories, as both are considered ASGSR officers, are invited to our political outreach trip in D.C., and are included in all meetings/events. Furthermore, both categories are welcome to work on whichever projects they want, even if those projects don’t lie in their responsibilities (ex, the treasurer is welcome/encouraged to participate in outreach projects, etc). However, students who run for elected positions will have more responsibility and be expected to commit more time to the group. For more information, see our bylaws.

How to apply: To apply for a volunteer position, simply send an email to students@asgsr.org anytime between now and the end Oct 27th, or get in touch with us after the student mixer on the 27th (we will have a sign-up sheet there). To apply for elected positions, register as a candidate anytime before October 22nd here. The form asks you to rank your preference in elected positions. We are doing ranked choice voting, meaning that the candidate winning the most votes gets their first preference in positions, the second place candidate will get their first choice unless that position has already been filled by the first place candidate, in which case they get their second choice, and so on. If you are only interested in one position, you may indicate a first choice only.

Additional information about elections: After applying as a candidate, your name and short candidate bio will appear on the student website (we will check responses every few days and upload them to the site in the order that we receive them). The actual election will take place at the student mixer at the ASGSR 2017 conference (Oct 27th at 7:00 pm, Lake Washington I). Candidates will present 2-3 minute speeches to the student group, and all students in attendance will vote by ranking the candidates from first to last. The election coordinator will then compile results to distribute positions appropriately. In the case that there are more candidates than open positions, the candidates who don’t win a position are still welcome to serve as officers in non-elected positions.

Elected positions for 2018:

  • President – Samantha McBride
  • Vice President – Ramya Bhaskar
  • Membership Coordinator – OPEN
  • Treasurer – Pantelis Solomides
  • Social Chair – Claudia Francesca Lopez
  • Secretary – OPEN
  • Education and Outreach Chair – Rai Munoz
  • Career & Personal Strategies Advisor – OPEN
  • Webmaster – OPEN
  • Washington D.C. trip coordinator – OPEN (must have attended trip previous year)

Descriptions of open positions:

  • Membership coordinator – Maintain list of student members of ASGSR, send regular email communications
  • Secretary – Keeps the group organized by preparing meeting agendas, scheduling meetings, and keeping notes
  • Career & Personal Strategies Advisor – Helps students with professional development by organizing events such as webinars, resume workshops, etc.
  • Webmaster – Responsible for adding new content to website, promoting use/utility of the website
  • Washington D.C. trip coordinator – Organizes students for the trip to D.C., by fundraising, planning hotel arrangements, helps students set meetings with politicians, etc.