Internships, Fellowships, Flight grants, Scholarships, Competitions, and more!

  • The NASA one stop shopping initiative (NASA OSSI) is a great place to start looking for chances to work in a real NASA facility. You fill out one application (including a letter of recommendation), and you can apply to several different opportunities.
  • For graduate students working (or wanting to work) in space sciences, NASA sponsors an Earth and Space Sciences fellowship, available at the NSPIRES website in Fall. Instructions for the 2015 fellowship can be found here.
  • For graduate students working (or wanting to work) in space technology, NASA sponsors a Space Technology Research fellowship, which will be available on the NSPIRES website in fall. The past solicitation is here.
  • For undergraduate students with an idea for a scientific or technological investigation in space, look for the NASA Student Flight Research Opportunity, available at NSPIRES.
Institution/link Student level Opportunity type
 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics  K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate  Scholarships, Competitions
 NASA OSSI   K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate  Scholarships, Internships
 NASA NSPIRES  Undergraduate, Graduate  Graduate fellowships, Full research grants
 SpaceX  Undergraduate, Graduate  Internships
 National Center for Earth and Space Science Education  K-12, Undergraduate  Spaceflight experiment competition
 MIT Zero Robotics  K-12  Programming competition, summer camp
 Conrad Challenge  K-12  Invention/Entrepreneurial competition
 NASA CELERE Challenge  Undergraduate  Space experiment competition
 American Astronautical Society   Undergraduate, graduate  Space academy scholarship
 Students for the Exploration and Development of Space  Undergraduate, graduate  Awards/Scholarships