Task book

Here is detailed information about the officer tasks and responsibilities to be assigned for 2018.


  • Website Management
    • Time Commitment: 3-5 hours/month, all year.
    • Description: At least once a month, you should update the student website. This includes adding officer biographies at the start of the year, changing the fundraising/merchandise pages with updated information, writing news posts when ASGSR students participate in an event or have an opportunity to promote, and helping other officers post their content
  • Meeting Coordinator
    • Time Commitment: 3-5 hours once every two months, all year.
    • Description: You will organize meetings once every two months (aiming for Nov, Jan, March, May, July, September) by sending scheduling polls to active ASGSR student officers, determining a date that works best for everyone, and sending reminder emails a week before and the day of the meeting. You should also post it to the ASGSR student’s google calendar (which will generate notifications in slack).  In addition, you should ensure that there is an agenda available at least a week in advance of the meeting, and send out notes afterward as well as posting the notes to the google drive.
  • Mailing List Manager
    • 3-5 hours once every two months, all year.
    • Description: You will send emails out at least once every two months to the ASGSR student mailing list. The content of these emails will be contributed from the other student officers, and include updates about ASGSR, student opportunities, and other useful/relevant information. You should regularly prune the mailing list to remove students who no longer want to receive updates from ASGSR.


  • Student Opportunities Manager
    • Time Commitment: 3-5 hours every month, all year.
    • Description: You should sign up for NASA Education Express emails, and about once a month, look for new student opportunities relevant to ASGSR students. You will manage the student opportunities page on the website, and update the list as necessary. In addition, you should work with the social media coordinator to post the most relevant student opportunities to social media and facebook, and work with the mailing list manager to add important opportunities to  emails to the ASGSR students.
  • ASGSR representative at NSS ISDC (Los Angeles, May 24-27)
    • Time Commitment: 2-3 hours preparation, 3 days at conference, 3-5 hours of followup.
    • Description: The National Space Society hosts a conference called the International Space Development Conference, where many K-12 students attend. Ideally, you should already be in the LA area to reduce travel costs. We will coordinate with event organizers so you can speak about ASGSR student opportunities to the students. While at the conference, you should also network and look for additional student opportunities, partnership possibilities, and potential sponsors.
  • ASGSR representative at ISS RDC (TBA)
    • Time commitment: Variable, probably 2-4 days in July.
    • Description: Every year CASIS hosts an International Space Station Research and Development Conference. You would attend this conference on behalf of ASGSR (and possibly present regarding student opportunities and/or give an overview of space science) to network and identify new potential partnerships or sponsors for the student group.
  • ASGSR representative at other space education events
    • Time commitment: Up to you
    • Description: If you know of a space conference or event coming up near you, you can volunteer to go as a representative of ASGSR to talk about student opportunities or do direct outreach to K-12 students. Depending on the relevance of the event, registration fees may be covered by ASGSR or ASGSR students.
  • Organize a local outreach event
    • Time commitment: Variable, but probably ~5-10 hours once.
    • Description: You can volunteer to go do direct outreach to a local school, science museum, or science fair on behalf of ASGSR. Your fellow officers can help prepare content, and reasonable costs can be reimbursed by the student society.
  • Create educational content for the website
    • Time commitment: As much as you want.
    • Description: The ASGSR main website has some educational content which could be updated. You could create content such as fliers, videos, slideshow presentations, or interactive media that we can post on either the student or primary website.
  • Create educational content for classrooms
    • Time commitment: As much as you want.
    • Description: The ASGSR students will occasionally go to conferences, science fairs, or classrooms to do direct outreach to younger students to get them interested in space science. You can develop content including presentations, videos, and hands-on demonstrations that we can take to classrooms.


  • Social Media Coordinator
    • Time commitment: 1-2 hours every week, all year
    • Description: You will post interesting news articles relevant to space science, student opportunities, and ASGSR news/events to our twitter and facebook page throughout the year. You will have creative license to post content you think is interesting/useful for people interested in space science, provided that no content is overly political or inappropriate. If possible, you should also try to grow our followings.
  • Organize a Google Hangout or other online event
    • Time commitment: 5-10 hours, once.
    • Description:

Political Activism

  • Manage the 2018 DC trip
  • Prepare student speaking points
  • Fundraise travel for 2018 DC trip


  • Merchandise Fundraiser Manager
  • Coordinate a new Sponsorship

Annual Meeting

  • ASGSR 2018 volunteer coordinator
  • Organize one or more social events at ASGSR 2018
  • Organize outreach at ASGSR 2018
  • Student representative for ASGSR 2018 mixer planning